App Advisory to elevate your business.

When implemented appropriately, the use of apps will not only streamline your finance function, but it can also improve the way you run your business as a whole.

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Seamless integration.

Integrating apps within your software system is a fantastic way to aid your compliance with HMRC, and their Making Tax Digital (MTD) policy.

Within an exemplar system, the information presented will never be overwhelming, overly complex, or conflicting. But rather, information will flow seamlessly and harmoniously into Xero.

Designated Accounts Manager (DAM).

App Advisory to maximise performance.

Our App Service.

App advisory can be provided in person, at our bespoke Dalton Court offices, or we can discuss your software system with you via video chat/ telephone from anywhere in the world.

Either way, we’ll provide you with your very own app stack after making our assessment, a tailored diagram showing you your ideal apps in a visual format.

Of course, you have the ultimate say over which apps you’d like to implement. But once you’ve made your decision, we’ll be there to support you moving forward, offering any training that you or your employees may require.

App Categorisation

Must-have Apps.

To give you a taster of the type of apps you could enjoy, here are a few of our personal favourites:


Xero provide quality cloud-based accounting software for SMEs, downloadable in app format for convenient access. This installation is central, since it is where all information will ultimately feedback to, presented beautifully, all in one place. Streamlining time consuming tasks and allowing you to manage your business in real time, Xero is the beating heart of finance function.

The options for customisation are endless, since you can personalise your account by connecting other apps. This can be done by the Xero App Store, where you can browse apps via ‘industry’ (such as construction and trades, automotive, hospitality, etc.) and ‘function’ (such as payroll HR, bills and expenses, time tracking, etc.) With over one thousand Xero compatible apps, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Holding ‘gold partner status’ with Xero, we are pleased to be in a position to offer their bespoke packages to all our client’s at a discounted rate.


Dext— known in full as Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank— is an innovative app trusted by over 450, 000 businesses globally, providing business owners with the resources needed to stay on top of their financial affairs.

Receipt capture has never been easier— simply snap a quick photo of your paper receipts, invoices, and bank statements and the app will take it from there, retrieving the important information from your documents and storing them in one place. Say goodbye to duplicates and hours of data entry!

Moreover, by connecting your account with PayPal, Amazon and over more than 1,400 suppliers, you won’t have to worry about missing paperwork.Dext sorts your financial data by tax, supplier, and region, giving you a real-time view of your business finances, and publishing your figures to Xero automatically. This means no more anxiety when it comes to month end.


Standard invoicing can be frustrating and inefficient for busy business owners. Save on manual time by chasing and reconciling payments with GoCardless. The app takes away the headache by allowing you to easily collect recurring, one-off and variable payments from customers across the globe.

It also gives you an option to split invoices into instalments, allowing customers to spread payments over a set period of time. What’s more? Once a payment is made, GoCardless automatically updates your Xero account, marking invoices as paid and alleviating what would otherwise be another timely manual task.


Introducing Float, the ultimate cash flow forecasting software designed to empower your business with financial clarity and foresight.
Simplifying the complex task of cash flow management, Float provides you with accurate, real-time forecasts within minutes.

What sets Float apart is its user-friendly interface and intuitive features. Collaborate with your team, assign budgets, track expenses, and set goals, all within one centralized platform. Gain insights into cash flow patterns, identify trends, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Whether you want to hire a team member, open an extra office, invest in new equipment, or simply pay an upcoming bill, it is vital to know whether you will have the money to afford it. Float takes transaction data from your accounting system and uses this to automatically forecast your financial future, down to invoice-level detail.

No more sleepless nights, just complete cash flow confidence.

BrightPay Connect

BrightPay is an incredible piece of software, giving you a way to link your payroll data to the cloud, enabling various other features. Secure, automated, and user-friendly, you can backup and restore your payroll data with ease, on your PC or Mac, both to and from the cloud.

The app also offers a web/mobile based self-service dashboard, allowing you and your employees to log in and access payroll data. Employees can even directly request things, like annual leave and updates to their personal details. Once approved, this will synchronise back to BrightPay on your PC or Mac.

The convenient features of BrightPay Connect, alongside GOW payroll services, will ensure that your payroll data safe and streamlining employee communications.

Syft Analytics

Syft allows the GOW team to generate incredibly powerful reports, comprised of visual analytics. These give you a clear picture of your business performance, preventing any need to dig out important data and KPIs from spreadsheets— all this is included in your regular management reports.

Using Syft Analytics, we have been able to analyse the finance function of all types of clients, presenting this information to them in an easily digestible manner. Most excitingly, the platform offers live, collaborative reports, not merely PDFs. This allows you not only to track trends in real time, but to provide any commentary needed on specific transactions, pinning the parts you’d like to highlight.