Be fast & efficient with Cloud Payroll.

Ensure your payroll system is ready for the needs of today’s fast-paced, data-dependent word.

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Payroll Portal.

Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or 4-weekly payroll? This is not a problem for our team at Gow and Partners. We provide cloud services and applications for both you the employer and all of your employees.

Want to cut your costs further? We can also assist in pay run processing, helping you to alleviate the pressure on your finance function.

Reduce Penalties.

Missing an RTI return can result in penalties ranging from £100 to £3,000, or 100% of the tax due. We’ll inform you every time your payroll period is about to end, so that you can stay in HMRC’s good books.

BrightPay Connect

Every GOW client has access to BrightPay Connect, an incredible piece of software providing a way to link your payroll data to the cloud.

The convenient features of BrightPay Connect, alongside our payroll services, are an essential tool, keeping your payroll data safe and streamlining employee communications.


A secure, automated way to backup and restore your payroll data on your PC or Mac, to and from the cloud.

Access Anywhere

Included is a web/mobile based self-service dashboard, allowing both employers and employees to log in and access their payroll data.


Employees can directly request things like annual leave and update their personal details, which will synchronise back to BrightPay on your PC or Mac, once approved.