Digital Accountants
for Creative Professionals.

In the ever-evolving, competitive creative landscape, our accounting services are tailored to meet the needs of creative businesses, adapting as they adapt.

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Creative Success.

We work with an array of creative clients from sole traders and freelancers to limited companies— for whom we have provided not just pure accounts, but growth plans for continuous success and profit.

Highly attentive, personal service.

Designated Accounts Manager (DAM).

Unrivalled Customer Support.

Decoding Business
for Creatives.

We have found that creatives are often unsure as to whether they should set up as an individual, partnership or limited company.

Your DAM can assess your business model and determine which bracket will serve you best, ensuring that you are structured in the most tax efficient way possible.

We can also offer tailored management support, cashflow forecasting and budgets, as well as ensuring that you are claiming for all viable business expenses.

Relax, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

While you turn your thoughts into a creative reality, we’ll deal with HMRC and ensure that deadlines are met, lifting the burden off your shoulders.

Deadline reminder service - When a deadline is approaching, you’ll receive an advance notification making you aware of any documents we require you to provide.

Monthly VAT - We also offer monthly VAT submissions to aid the cashflow of creatives.

Cloud Accounting - Enjoy the best bookkeeping software the market has to offer, most notably Xero, at a heavily discounted rate. We'll even provide cloud accounting training upon request.

Creative Services.

The accounting packages of our creative clients tend to vary, being tailored in accordance with individual needs.

Media & Entertainment.

At GOW and Partners, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to both contractor and freelancer accounting. As such, we are fully equipped to help all those working within the media and entertainment industry.

We are aware that those working in media often follow hectic schedules, which is why we make sure that we are only ever a phone call, email, or text message away. Providing a personal, attentive service, we can assure you that your queries and concerns will be attended to promptly.


Whether you are a freelance or contracted artist, we appreciate the complexity of the arts industry, and take this into consideration when taking care of your accounts.

Not only do we alleviate the burden of your accounts, but we will also provide you with invaluable financial insights. These help you make more informed business decisions to manage cashflow and accelerate growth.

The service we provide is as flexible as your career, always tailored to your individual needs and wants.


The music industry is highly unique, and as such, traditional accounting methodologies may not provide you with the flexible, tailored service you require.

We are experts in the complexities and intricacies of accounting for media, and as such, can take care of all your accounting needs, freeing up time for you to focus on developing your skills.

We are aware that musicians tend to follow hectic schedules, which is why we offer you receipt capture on the go and prompt contact in response to queries and concerns.

Social Media Influencers.

Run by tech experts and enthusiasts, we are well aware that social media has taken the world by storm, holding an immense power to inspire trends.

Social media influencers and creators have seen platforms such as YouTube becoming more and more lucrative from a business perspective. Did you know it is now a multi-billion-pound industry!?

Managing your followers can be difficult when facing the challenge of managing your finances alone. Quite frankly, in the ever-competitive social media sphere, this time could be make or break. As such, outsourcing financial management may be the key to your continued success.

GOW and Partners are digital accountants of the modern age, well suited to take care of all your accounting needs, and to offer relevant, jargon free advice.