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Retail Therapy.

With the sheer scale of transactions involved in running a retail business, efficient record keeping processes and checks are essential. When you’re a busy business owner, it is no surprise that this can be hard to manage on your own.

This is where GOW and Partners step in— when it comes to supply chains and cashflow, we have you covered.

Working with hundreds of different retail businesses all across Lancashire (both physical shops and e-Commerce), we have the knowledge and expertise to serve all your accounting needs, freeing up time for you to focus on maximising your profits.

Accounting Support.

Maybe you’re just starting out and need help understanding your obligations to HMRC, or require advice on how best to structure your business.

Or maybe you’re already well-established and would like to maximise your tax efficiency, or outsource the day-today management of your accounts.

Regardless, we are happy to help. Our team can offer you a tailored service like no other,  providing coherent, actionable advice to help you manage your business and accelerate growth.

Personal Service.

Here at GOW and Partners, we pride ourselves on our attentive customer service.

From the moment you sign up, you’ll be cared for by your personal Designated Accounts Manager (DAM), who will only be a phone call, email, or text message away.

Your DAM will build a close working relationship with you, familiarising themselves with the ins and outs of your business, while taking the time to understand your wants as well as your needs.

Streamlined Finance Function

Sick of those endless piles of paperwork and receipts? With us you can enjoy receipt/invoice scanning on the go via an easy-to-use, innovative app that pulls all your data into your accounts with the click of a button.

We are proficient in the latest technology on the market, offering personalised cloud accounting software packages at a heavily discounted rate.

Our systems ensure that your accounts are kept in pristine condition, meaning you won’t have to worry in the instance of a HMRC records check.

We are proud to hold ‘gold partner’ status with Xero, a company offering revolutionary accounting software solutions.

Cloud Solutions for Retail.

The benefits of cloud accounting and its opportunities for personalisation are endless. With our expertise supporting the implementation and operation, you’ll begin reeking the rewards instantaneously.

Transactions and VAT

Maintaining a record of all transactions without dedicating endless hours can be a real challenge for retailers. Using Xero cloud accounting, we can help you streamline your bookkeeping processes, saving you time and money. Providing you with ironclad security, you can rest assured that all information is safely backed up.

Managing stock

Managing stock effectively is another common issue when it comes to knowing exactly what you have and when you need to reorder. Luckily, there are retail solutions that can integrate seamlessly with your Xero account, making stock control a breeze. You’ll be able to optimise your cashflow, knowing exactly how much cash you can take out of the business.

Your tailored
accounting packages.

Specific accounting packages tend to vary from client to client, being tailored in accordance with individual needs. Listed below are some examples:

Services Offered:

Your own Designated Accounts Manager (DAM) with direct dial.

Advice on legal structure.

Expert tax advice to maximise efficiency.

Cashflow forecasts.

Management meetings, in line with our Growing Owners Wealth (hyperlink) commitment.

Bespoke cloud accounting packages.

Tailored plans for optimal tax-efficiency (upon request).

Provide deadline reminders.

Xero cloud accounting, training, and app advisory.

Receipt capture on the go.

Streamlined payroll with instant access via Bright Pay Connect.

Reminder services for deadlines and payments.

Assistance with HMRC checks and liaising with companies house.