LEISURE and Hospitality

Let us ‘cater’ to your accounting needs.

We provide an extensive, thorough service for businesses of all descriptions that fall into the Leisure and hospitality bracket.

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Experience Counts.

Over the last decade, we have worked with countless leisure and hospitality establishments across Lancashire, watching them branch out, grow and excel with the tailored support provided by ourselves.

Having both the financial knowledge and experience to help you reach your full potential, we know what it takes to make it in the industry.

Accounting Support.

In such a competitive sector, where pressure is set firmly upon margins, it is vital to enlist accounting support in order that you may get the results your hard-work and ambitions deserve.

We go beyond the bare minimum, building a close-knit working relationship with yourself to gain a thorough understanding of the unique intricacies attached to your business.

Forward thinking.

Your DAM will take the time to understand (or help you determine) your business plans, support you in reaching your optimal growth rate, and advise you on how to structure your business in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Unsure of what expenses and allowances you can claim for? Your DAM can quickly determine what you are entitled to, ensuring that you have access to all the financial support available.

They can also provide you with sophisticated cashflow forecasts, heightening your financial insights and strengthening your budgetary and credit management.

Our Services for
Leisure and Hospitality.

Specific accounting packages tend to vary from client to client, being tailored in accordance with individual needs. Here’s how we can help.


Our diligent accountant will take good care of your accounts, ensuring that they are kept up-to-date and stored on a system that is easy to manage, freeing up time for you to focus on running your business. Providing smart, easy-to-use document scanning software (such as Dext), we’ll make those pesky piles of receipts a think of the past!

Tax Bill Management

Our expert accountants can help you ensure that you are not paying any more on tax than is absolutely necessary. After assessing your individual situation, your Designated Accounts Manager (DAM) will point you towards any tax reliefs, allowances, exemptions that you are entitled to, hence lowering the amount corporation/income tax you are obliged to pay.

VAT Management

Staying on top of VAT is a must for any business. Our tax specialists will support you every step of the way, sending you an advance notification anytime we require specific documentation from yourself, ensuring your return is filed on time to avoid non-compliance penalties.

Payroll and Auto-enrolment

Monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or 4-weekly payroll? This is not a problem for our team at GOW and Partners. We can assist with all of your payroll needs, including auto-enrolment.

Providing cloud payroll and applications for both you the employer and all of your employees, you can rest assured knowing that you’re saving both time and money. Want to cut your costs further?

We can also assist in pay run processing, helping you to alleviate the pressure on your finance function.

Growing Owners Wealth

Helping you set goals, monitor targets, and structure your business in the most tax-efficient way possible, your DAM will support you in maximising your profits.

What’s more? We offer cashflow forecasts incorporating real life scenarios, giving you the insights required to make more informed business decisions.

These can be discussed in management meetings at our bespoke Dalton Court offices, giving your business the boardroom it deserves.