Streamlined Accounting for Continuous Growth.

Streamline your finances with our expert accountancy solutions. Save time and money with efficient cloud accounting and tailored app implementation.

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Save time with software.

Software can save you a massive amount of hassle. More importantly, it can save you time - the most important currency of all. 

Growing Owners Wealth.

We will explain by not only minimising tax and maximising profits but also using visual analytics to measure performance as well as setting targets.

Clarity of mind.

Feel at ease with your dedicated account manager. Enjoy real time information and regular financial health checks as a check-point for performance.

Our Services

Our services are close-knit and personal. Expectations are clearly outlined, with plenty of time being taken to gain an understanding of your wants, as well as your needs.

Our Sectors

With over 10 years of accounting experience, the GOW team have successfully developed their multifaceted expertise, serving a range of businesses across Lancashire.

Our knowledge allows us to look after a variety of clients, catering to the needs of each sector with not only a vested interest, but an informed one. At GOW and Partners, we specialise in the following industries: 

We are proactive, not reactive.


Your one stop shop for all things numbers, we take care of your accounting needs. From accounting and payroll to tax investigations and bankruptcy, we strengthen the financial underpinnings of your business.


Our expert team alleviate pressure on your finance function. Through our deep-rooted expertise and dedication, many of our clients have not only been able to save money, but also keep more of their profits.


We see the success of your business as the success of ours. Our advice and insight goes beyond the numbers, and together, we can ensure that your business reaches its full potential year after year.


We analyse every project individually to provide a complete, tailored plan that meets the specific needs of your business. Our cost-effective solutions save you time and money.