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E-Commerce Growth.

Our accounting team are highly proficient in e-commerce technology, fully equipped with the knowledge of what it takes for you to succeed in the e-commerce sector.

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E-Commerce Support.

Online Trading is a demanding form of business strategy. With fast supply chains and competitive marketing, there’s many things to consider on a daily basis, and that’s before you start considering your accounts.

Yet, following the pandemic and the growing popularity of online shopping, e-commerce businesses have become more and more lucrative, if operated correctly.

GOW and Partners are here to support you with your finances, while also helping you get the most out of your business.

The sky isn’t the limit.

Whether you sell primarily through your own website, distribute products across multiple sites, or list your items through an Amazon or eBay shop, we have you covered.

From carrying out day-to-day accounts and bookkeeping, to providing you with bespoke cloud accounting packages, we’ll make it effortless for you to manage your finances, transforming the way you operate to accelerate growth.

Aiding Chaotic Cashflow.

Is managing timely cash flow one of your biggest forms of stress?! We recognise that eCommerce accounting can be a lot more hazardous than typical bookkeeping, which is why we offer monthly VAT submissions to aid cashflow and alleviate pressure.

Encouraging you to look towards the future, we also offer cashflow forecasts incorporating real-life scenarios. These informed predictions not only put you in the driver’s seat, but give you the directions— we can discuss your forecast in person at our offices, or via video call from anywhere in the world.

We will ensure that your cashflow data really does flow effortlessly and accurately into your books, meaning that you always have a clear picture of your sales at any given time.

Cloud Accounting
for E-Commerce.

We have noticed that our e-commerce clients, in particular, seem to welcome cloud accounting systems with open arms. This is because their business already requires them to be adaptable and tech savvy.

Designated Accounts Manager (DAM)

Your Designated Accounts Manages (DAM) will help you determine the right cloud accounting software for you, providing any training you require to help you get started.

They will then integrate all of the wonderful tech out there into one, easy-to-navigate software package. This is when digital streaming can truly begin to come to fruition.

We are proud to hold ‘Gold Partner’ status with Xero and utilize their innovative technology to provide clients with efficient, personalised software.

Streamlined Payment Integration

For e-commerce clients, this includes streamlined payment integration through add-ons such as Stripe— this add-on automatically notifies our team when an invoice has been paid, since your orders feed through directly to your accounts, creating a more direct system.

We also assist with app integrations that allow you to pull e-commerce related apps, such as  Shopify and PayPal, into your Xero Account.

Tailored Business Advice

With so many sales platforms and inventory apps out there, integration solutions bulletproof the efficiency of your business, making it run seamlessly.

The number of PSP are growing by the hour. Too much choice can easily overwhelm. Experts in the various pros and cons of payment systems such as Stripe and PayPal, we can offer tailored advice regarding what will work best for your business.